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LED Lighting Supply can provide as broad or narrow a LED solution as our customers need.  We provide turn-key operations that encompass concept to prototype stages in a few weeks and production shortly thereafter.  We will assist customers with selection of PCB, secondary optics, drivers, etc. as well as provide design services and Gerber file creation for metal core or FR4 board fabrication.



We use automated pick and place and reflow soldering ovens to produce high quality assemblies at reasonable prices.  We will quote on a complete assembly of design or help to develop the design.  Either way, our job is to help you achieve a complete solution.


Products and Services:


1.) Circuit board design, Gerber file creation, prototype and production services.

2.) MCPCB of FR4 printed circuit boards.

3.) Assembly production with complete pick and place line with reflow oven.

4.) Quick turn prototype.

5.) Production capabilities and assembly delivery in USA and Asia.

6.) Quality control and design integrity protection.

7.) Low power or any customer specified LEDs.

8.) Tech support and consulting services.

9.) LED Drivers-LED Dynamics, Dialight/Lumidrives, Magtech and project custom drivers.

10.) Secondary optics-Cree, L2, Polymer, Khatod, Ledil, Luminit.






























High Power LEDs


Secondary Optics


Power supplies and drivers


Light Engines And MCPCB's


Suppliers by Product Category


Material Used


High Power, Low Power, Any Brand


Dialight, Infinilux, LED Dynamics, M&M, Magtech, Custom design available.


CREE, Dialight, Khatod, L2 Optics, Ledil, Luminit, Polymer, Custom design available.

Metal Clad or FR4 PCBs

Please inquire about Custom PCBs for all brands of LEDs


We can supply any specified component required by the customer.





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LED Lighting Supply is working to bring LED lighting solutions into the 21st century.

Our Mission

To be your complete high power LED solution provider.


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